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Low Carb & Low Calorie Diet Specialists

Billy’s Diet are a low carb and low calorie diet specialist and have been helping customers meet their weight loss goals for over 9 years. 

Our mission is simple, to help as many people as possible reach their weight loss goals. Whether it is short term dieting for a special occasion or long term weight loss we are here to help. 

We understand that dieting doesn’t have to be boring and that you can still enjoy your favourite foods and flavours without the need to break your diet. We offer low carb products like crisps, bars, meals and drinks which are suitable for a low carb/ketosis diet and also wellbeing Teas that will boost your keto weight loss.  The products are also very low in calories so suitable for a calorie controlled diet as well.

What our customers think...

"This has been a massive help on my Low Carb/Keto journey. I stocked up on Billy's Diet products and although they are mostly snacks and my occasional treat...Great Products, Great Service, Easily the best low carb keto snacks I have encountered to date. Cant praise Billy enough."
Graeme Bell
Customer Since May 2021