50 x Mix & Match Sweet Snacks

At Billy's Diet, we offer a unique opportunity for you to choose your own selection of our popular snacks and create a bundle of 50 items. With over plenty of options to choose from, you can mix and match your favourite snacks to create a customised snack pack that is tailored to your personal preferences.

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50 item snacks bundle, a mix and match low calorie & carb snacks bundle of all our snacks, together.

With our 50 item snacks bundle you can choose from our range of low calorie & carb snacks of high protein bars, many with choc coverings, tasty biscuits and sweet snacks too.  If you prefer a savoury snack we have 8 flavours of low calorie & carb snacks crisps made from soy rather than potato.  The low carb crisps are probably our best selling product.

Our snack bars have calories and carbs as low as 121 calories and 3g of net carbs and our biscuits are from just 36 calories and 2.9g of carbs per biscuit.  Our savoury range of crisps come in 8 flavours and all except bacon as suitable for vegetarians.  Tomato and Oregano flavour has just 115 calories and 4.7g of carbs.  The Salt & Vinegar and Sweet Chilli flavour are vegan friendly.  Our crisps made from soy rather than potato and the low carb crisps are probably our best selling product.

Also available in bundles of 10,and 25, the more you buy the more you save.

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Billy’s Diet is a low calorie, low carb diet food company. We sell Meal Replacement (MRP) and High Protein (HP) products and most of our HP products have added vitamins and mineral making them High Protein Plus (HP+).

HP/HP+ shakes, drinks and meals.

Our HP and HP+ range is all very low in calories and carbs. These products are ideal for calorie counters as some varieties are less than 100 calories per serving. They are also good for keto dieters as most are very low in carbs, some as low as 2.3g per serving. While the sweet drinks and shakes are probably the most popular we do also have meals including chilli and spaghetti bolognese, omelettes and soups. Our customers tell us they have the meals with veg or salad or even added protein.

Sweet and savoury snacks.

Over the last few years our low calorie and low carb snacks range has grown in size and popularity. On our website and also Amazon the snacks are probably our best selling items.

For sweet snacks we have low calorie and low carb bars, many with chocolate coating, which are suitable for keto dieters as well people who want to make better choices and reduce their daily calories. Our most popular bar is the cookies & cream bar at just 133 calories and 2.0g of net bars.

We also have a range of 8 low calorie, low carb crisps which we feel are our hero product! As they are made of soy rather than potato, they are very low in carbs and low calorie too. The flavours are strong and the bag seems to take a long time to eat. Sour cream & onion and salt & vinegar are the most popular flavours.

Meal Replacement Products (MRPs).

We have 3 MRP products which are fortified with vitamins to replace a meal. Our Meal Replacement Chocolate Shake is made exclusively for us from our own recipe and has a lot of excellent feedback. Our MRP bars are Chocolate Peanut and the less sweet more savoury Nut and Seed bar.

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