50 x Mix & Match Shakes and Meals

Get the most for your money with our 50 item mix and match deal. Choose 50 items from our range of delicious diet shakes or low calorie meals and get each item for less than £1 each. Perfect for those of you who want to stock up on your favourite products and save money at the same time. Simply choose your mix of products from the list below and add to basket.

Bundle Price:£64.99


Mix and Match 50 of our MRP shakes & meals. Choose your own selection of our popular Meal Replacement Shakes and High Protein Plus shakes & meals in a bundle of 50 sachets.

MRP = Meal Replacement Product – each shake has 25% added vitamins to replace a meal.

HP+ = High Protein Plus – each drink/shake is very low in calories and carbs with 15% added vitamins. Great if you want to add a meal or snacks each day.

HP = High Protein – for the muesli, banana shake & porridge, they are very low in calories and carb and high in protein to keep you fuller for long, but do not have added vitamins.

If you want a full meal replacement plan you will need to have 4 x MRPs per day, HP+ do not have enough vitamins to replace a meal.

Bundles of 25 and 100 are also available.

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